Everything Edinburgh is a helpful guide to the city of Edinburgh, both for tourists and natives. Consider signing up for this two-hour walking tour led by someone who is passionate about Rebus to get some insight into the works and to hear readings. If you’ve already been on the scary walking tours in Edinburgh and are looking for something a little bit different, you may want to think about signing up for the comedy tour instead.

The Norfolk Tulips operation, which is managed by Belmont Nurseries and is the biggest producer of outdoor tulips in the UK, cultivates 37 different kinds of the flower. Have you ever given any thought to the process by which the small letters are carved into the rock? Docwra’s Rock Factory and Shop has been a fixture in Great Yarmouth for more than a century. It is a shop that offers all of the sugary goodies that you might expect to find on a bucket and spade vacation. Although the structure is not nearly as tall as Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, its impressiveness is not diminished in any way by this fact. On the seaside of Yarmouth is where you’ll find Nelson’s Monument, which has Britannia perched atop a column that bears the inscription of the motto from Nelson’s coat of arms.

You can fool people into thinking you’re walking on the ceiling by taking as many images as you like and then turning them all upside down on your phone. The presence of a jukebox inside the establishment makes it possible to imitate Lionel Richie and dance on the ceiling. You first rise into the living room, which has all of the furniture adhered to the ceiling, and then you enter the home via the roof, which is located on the coastline of Brighton. As you read through our guide to the top treks in the Lake District, be ready to be motivated to explore some additional beautiful areas that are perfect for hiking. This remarkable attraction, which was built out of a slate mine that had been abandoned for the last two centuries, promotes participation from all members of the family in a total of six different exciting activities. Choose from one of the numerous dog-friendly pubs in York after your work is done so that you can relax with your four-legged buddy and have a refreshing beer together in the city.

Cat enthusiasts are in for a real treat at York’s one and only cat café, which hsbc harrogate 7 prospect crescent goes by the name of The Cat’s Whiskers. Children must be at least 10 years old in order to attend, but the opportunity to socialise with a large number of animal companions makes the wait worthwhile. Playing a game of footgolf or crazy golf at York Golf Range is a great way for family members to spend time together enjoying the outdoors while also engaging in some healthy rivalry with one another. Footgolf is ideally suited for children aged 4 and older who are able to kick a ball, although crazy golf may be played by anyone of any age. At York’s newest family attraction, The Hole in Wand, you can play a game of mini-golf by exchanging your wands for golf clubs and having a good time. If you successfully complete the training, the cost of the course will include the delivery of a mystical concoction that is yours to keep.

It is thought that best-selling author J. K. Rowling found inspiration for her works there on one of her many trips, which has contributed to the graveyard’s popularity among fans of the Harry Potter series. If you’ve ever been to Edinburgh, there’s a good possibility that you’re familiar with the legend of Greyfriars Bobby. You’re probably familiar with the statue of the adorable dog that honours the tragic tale of a dog named Bobby who stayed at the grave of his owner until Bobby himself died away. The cemetery where Greyfriars Bobby and his owner John Gray are buried may be found just across from the adorable dog statue that is located on George IV Bridge; nevertheless, this is as charming as it gets with regard to the two of them. The cemetery in question is known as Greyfriars Kirkyard, and its lengthy and gruesome history is enough to intimidate even the most seasoned ghost hunters. These 17 locations, whether they are natural or human-made, are all steeped in history, and all of them will leave a lasting impression on you.

However, you are still permitted to ride the train, feed the goats and animals, and use the play areas. Discover the stunning coastline and regions of amazing natural beauty that Devon has to offer with a new companion. You’ll get the chance to stroll side by side with these sociable and placid creatures when you go llama trekking.

Their stand-up paddleboard trip will take you on a voyage down the Kennet & Avon canal, via canal tunnels that date back to the 19th century, and below Bath’s famous white cast iron footbridges. Paddling through the city of Bath’s lovely canals will provide you with a whole fresh viewpoint of the urban landscape. It’s true that some of these websites are divisive; a lot of them are definitely not intended for anybody under the age of 18. But in addition to that, they are fantastic at defying expectations, producing interesting photographs, and giving people a lot to talk about.

In the inside of the palace, you will have the opportunity to explore the chambers that originally served as Queen Victoria’s childhood home, as well as the State Apartments of Queen Mary, and an exhibition on Princess Diana’s clothes. I use the word “hidden” in its literal sense because mews are enclosed courtyards that are set back from the main roads. Before the widespread use of automobiles in the early 20th century, big city homes often included a space at the rear of the property known as a mews that was used for storing stables and carriages. In addition to being one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in London, Kensington also has a lot more to offer. Beyond its charming streets, the neighbourhood has a lot to offer both its permanent inhabitants and its guests.

A clandestine subterranean street in Norwich, which is buried under the headquarters of the Missing Kind and the KindaKafe, is dotted with abandoned buildings and mysteries from the city’s history. A local storyteller, historian, or performer will guide you through the city of Norwich’s rich past as you learn about its trades, homes, and people. There is always a good excuse to wander in and look around, not the least of which is its beautiful reading room and the Wellcome Library, which has more than 750,000 volumes and manuscripts. There are always exciting paid events and presentations that are going to take place in the near future to pick from. One’s only complaint is that it would take a lifetime to be able to get visit each and every one of them.

Discover London’s lesser-known live music venues and the hidden talent that resides inside them with the help of a professional from a leading music PR firm in the city. Attend the first live performances of some of the most buzzed-about, exciting, and up-and-coming musical talent in the city, some of whom you have never heard of before. When you visit Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, you may escape to another era and let your imagination run wild.

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